The thought of this blog has existed for too many months. But the issue was where to begin. The Lost Reflection saga is not only a tale of inescapable destiny, but also of our external projections. This is how we are perceived.

But more critically, there is a soul which lies buried deep within us all. Caged there,76838_549254248503505_1002886699_n by expectations of family, friends and society,  the freedom it seeks, may forever remain in bondage.

Forces exist, far from our control, which present the power to unlock even the most suppressed feelings, which when liberated, possess the ability to change our reflection. For Brian Denman, a methodical, cold-hearted mercenary, this is an unavoidable collision with destiny laid down centuries before his birth.

But once again, where would we start? Destiny controls all of our lives. One might argue, we all have the opportunity to change our destiny, while the pundits would argue that any change is controlled by the inevitability if destiny itself. Locked within our destiny, our strengths and weaknesses reside.

It is within our weakness, where our vulnerabilities reside, and our hidden reflection waits. All humans suffer from degrees of weakness, from infinitesimal, to apparent beyond our best efforts to conceal them. Brian Denman has his own demon of weakness, and as later confessed to his friend, Phillip Wilder; “She had the most delectable pair of drumsticks I have seen in a long time.”

And it is here, where the fall begins.