Învierea: In Romanian, it is the resurrection – of the dead, of a curse, or of a legend. At the final judgement, it is said to be the raising of our beloved dead.

Brian Denman’s legacy continues with all hope vanquished and all reason to exist only a distant memory. Brian must complete the epic task he began in the Crescent City. With the 9781633930223_FCworld on the brink of a apocalypse of his making, and handicapped by a new affliction, Brian must adhere to a new way of life in an attempt to protect an unsuspecting population from the encroaching evil. From its origins on the sweltering streets of New Orleans, to New York and the secret world of Romania, Denman’s journey leads him to confrontations with his CIA roots, and the legendary origins of his family curse and the inescapable destiny set down centuries before his birth.

Sequel to The Lost Reflection, Învierea returns many of your favorite characters as they endeavor to exterminate the remnants of an evil thought only to exist in folklore and nightmares. Are you ready to don your crucifix and join Brian as he resumes his journey into darkness? Are you ready to question your own beliefs of what may exist on darkened streets, perhaps in your own town? If so click here to get started?