Book club enthusiast, reading this novel in your group, or planning to? Here’s 20 questions to get you started.

1. What character do you identify with the most?

2. What types of secrets do you believe the Catholic church might or would conceal?

3. Do you believe a mercenaries discipline can be broken by love?

4. If you could have written the finale, how would you end the story?

5. If you could pick a character to date, who would it be?

6. The Chamber does exist. Would you go in alone?

7. Your best friend has become a vampire. Would you run away, turn them in, or stake ’em in the heart?

8. What intrigues you the most about New Orleans? Do you want to go?

9. Given the circumstances, if you were Dee, what advice would you give to Samantha?

10. Is there a point where you believe Phillip should have “pulled the plug?”

11. Knowing sub-cultures of voodoo, ghost, witchcraft and vampirism exists in New Orleans, would it affect any plans to visit, either positively or negatively?

12. If you were standing next to a person and noticed they cast no reflection, what would your reaction be?

13. How do you see Daniel’s character in the big picture?

14. Would you ever consider breaking into a private institution to unravel a mystery? How much would they have to pay you?

15. Would you heed the advice of Stella LaRue if you were to meet her?

16. Was there a character who you wished had played a bigger role and why?

17. Why are vampires so dang irresistible and popular right now?

18. Would you choose a life of immortality if you had the chance?

19. With the media’s unquenchable desire for sensationalism, do you believe they should be held accountable for any ill consequences that arise as a result of their investigative journalism?

20. Where do you think the story will or should go from here?